This site is owned and operated by one man, me. I have been a victim of violent crime. However, that is not what directly motivated me to create this site. The inspiration came from when my son became a victim of a senseless attack. More details on his attack are here. (link coming soon)


Some of my objectives here are providing a user friendly, interactive resource guide which is built by members and is valued in the “real world”. I want people to feel secure in sharing their ideas and experiences while also providing everyone with a place “just to vent”. Everyone will be able to create a profile and remain as anonymous as they wish.


Another intent here is to fill a void. While I was typing up a letter to the state attorney in attempt to itemize what restitution we required from the plaintiff, I realized there were no actual means of restitution for non-monetary losses. Throwing money at problems does not prevent them from re-occurring. Yes, I wanted compensated for medical expenses related to the incident but, I also wanted to invoke an actual thought process in the offender. A “mental spanking” if I may.

Allow me to attempt an explanation. Many of you from my generation know of a certain feeling that many “kids” today will never experience. The feeling which I am referring to is the one you get on your backside right before you do something wrong. That type of “education” guided me in choosing my very next move and required few “refresher courses”. This does no exactly mean I think corporal punishment is the answer or even condone. However, I do believe, generally, it does work. This obviously, unfortunately is not an option. So what do we do?

In this restitution procedure we must follow exists a problem. The only restitution one can request is monetary. There is no means of requesting any other type of restitution. I believe the state needs to re-phrase their request and just specify that we “can only” ask for money, not actual restitution. The fact that the “law” only facilitates victims to request monetary restitution, is a major flaw in the system. Money “heals” nothing. The offenders need to “pay” a little more than that. Restitution, by definition, only touches on the monetary aspect. You beat someone to a bloody pulp? I guess all they need is a few bucks to cover their expenses and all is cool, right? Not in my book. Oh yeah, you could take them to civil court on your own, after the fact with no help from the state what-so-ever. Hope you don’t have a job. Hope you have tons of time to spare. Yeah, we really are the victims aren’t we?

I will go into the ridiculous details of the amount of time and hoops I had to jump though to just to get the paperwork into the right hands in another section. You would think there would be adequate communication between government / state / medical offices to circumvent the victims participation the obviously pre-dictated paper trail. Obvious to only those state / government / medical offices actually. Victims should not have to make several phone calls, request documentation, copy, fax, and mail documents THAT WERE GENERATED BY THESE OFFICES TO SEND TO OTHER OFFICES WHO REQUEST THEM EVERY SINGLE TIME! This whole ordeal is laughable. If I hadn’t just lost my job, giving me the time to perform all of these tasks, I would have never been able to do get things done within business hours in the allotted time period. Sorry government and state officials, that’s your job not ours! WE ARE THE VICTIMS! WHY SHOULD WE SUFFER MORE? WHY DO YOU PUT US THROUGH THIS?


So, here on this site you will find not only a information resource and blog for victims but, a place where some restitution may actually be “served”. First and foremost I desire to invoke compassion. Many offenders are seemingly incapable of compassion. Here, I wanted to place emphasis on my belief that part of the required restitution was performing duties that usually require compassion. Whether compassion is achieved or not is up to the offender.


I wondered how I could help people initiate an actual “mental awareness” style restitution via our legal system. I already knew that the legal system had not yet affected the actions or thought process of the offender. The offender and his friends are still harassing my son and household. This indicated to me that a years probation along a few hundred dollars in court costs were no deterrent. In actuality, the “problems” have now escalated. So, when the State Attorney asked me what I required for restitution, I thought seriously about what would actually provide the most long term value. Unfortunately, all my actual requirements toward restitution could not be printed on legal tender bearing numbers and a president. The obvious failure of our legal system actually thwarting the problem at all, is when I decided to share my experience here and provide a site created by a victim, for the victims.


A public apology can be pretty humiliating. The faces of all the people looking at you while you describe what you did and why. Then, apologizing for your actions. I can imagine though, it would be hard to organize and co-ordinate all schedules for such an event. So, how about website where a public apology can be viewed? That concept topped off the inspiration that motivated the creation of ThugCrackers.com sm.

Got a camera? Own one that records video? Want to report a license plate number? Want to report illegal activity? Desire to document daily occurrences? Want to know how to install security cams? Need a webserver where you can upload security cam data? Are you technically, physically or financially incapable of installing any type of security? Are you sick and tired of what we need to deal with as victims? Do you need a real world resource that does not need to be deciphered into plain English? Want a place to share your experiences and help others? Desire to petition your states government officials to invoke changes? Well, I will provide resources for to facilitate all of that right here. ThugCrackers sm will also beseech anyone who can help by offering or suggesting no cost services, advice and information to help any person in any circumstance.

Here were my ideas and exactly what I sent to the State Attorney. (coming soon)